UCSB student Jaymie Rose Darrow died on July 19 while visiting the La Jolla Indian Reservation near San Diego. She was 19 years old.

Darrow was found floating facedown in the San Luis Rey River at a campground on the reservation. She had reportedly been inner tubing down the river with friends when the fatal incident occurred. Despite an autopsy conducted by the San Diego Medical Examiner’s office, the exact cause of her death is still undetermined.

Darrow, an environmental studies major entering her third year at UCSB, led an active life working as an integral member of the Isla Vista Co-Op and participating in the Triathlon Club on campus. At the Co-Op, Darrow had recently launched a line of raw organic vegan chocolate bars made by her mother’s newly formed company, Earth Source Organics.

In working at the Co-Op, Darrow’s boyfriend Evan Anderson said Jaymie found a place to practice what she believed in.

“Her favorite place in Santa Barbara was without a doubt the Co-Op, where Jaymie worked so closely with people who shared the same interests and passions that she had felt so strongly about,” Anderson said. “I have made it my mission to raise awareness in everything she believed in, including fair trade and raw, organic foods.”

Audrey Darrow said her daughter possessed a captivating and unforgettable smile that characterized her compassionate spirit.

“She had this huge beautiful smile, and this amazing, amazing amount of energy,” Darrow said. “She was always so excited and looking forward to life. She has had this incredible exuberance since the minute she popped out. Jaymie is a beautiful soul.”

Across the board, those who encountered Darrow were dazzled by her presence. According to Kristen Galbreath, assistant to the chair in the Environmental Studies program and a close associate of Darrow’s at the Co-Op, Jaymie’s intelligence and passionate personality made her a standout on campus.

“Jaymie was a beaming person,” Galbreath said. “I know that every professor who had her thought she was an exceptional being. She always had a lot of enthusiasm and stood out in her classes in a lot of ways. Jaymie was always bright and shiny and full of life. She brought so much positivity into the world every day.”

Alix Giroux, a UC Davis student and long-time friend of Darrow’s, said Jaymie’s unique presence will forever remain with those who knew her.

“She was one of the most amazing people that I have ever known,” Giroux said. “She’s the kind of person who could light up a room just by walking into it. Her laugh and smile were contagious, and looking back I think I will miss those the most. She was so involved and passionate about every aspect of her life and always gave 120 percent in everything she did. Although she may be gone, her spirit and love for life will live on in my heart forever.”

Since Jaymie’s passing, her mother has started a raw chocolate bar line in memory of her daughter, the Bar Jaymie Rose. All proceeds will go towards the Jaymie Rose Spirit Foundation, which according to her mother, aims to spread Jaymie’s message: “Be compassionate and take care of everyone.”