Colorful, rainbow tulips to the Supreme Court of California for finally making gay marriage legal. No more “Brokeback Mountain” jokes, we promise.

Rude, ignorant turds to David Horowitz for singling out the Muslim Student Association and accusing them of supporting terrorism. Just wait until we take out an advertisement against you, Mr. “Horror-witz.”

Warm, open-armed tulips to Lindsey Gottlieb, the new Coach for Women’s Basketball. Thankful, three-point tulips to Mark French for his outstanding commitment to the team. Now that was a Frenchman we all could appreciate.

Unsynchronized, over-chlorinated turds to the university for closing the Rec Cen pool during next Fall and Winter Quarter. No, the Lagoon is not a sufficient alternative.

Environmentally friendly, extra-green tulips to Plains Exploration & Production Co. for agreeing to shut down its existing off-shore oil production. Oil’s well that ends well.

Whiny, OPPortunistic turds to A.S. for bitching so loudly, so annoyingly and so frequently before, during and after the elections. Now there’s a week we can certainly Flush.

Affordable, structurally sound tulips to Costco for providing reasonably priced rafts just in time for Floatopia. It almost made up for the fact we couldn’t sport our Dolce and Gabbana shades.

Expensive, Daddy Warbucks-like turds to the UC Regents for another absurd fee hike. Gee whillickers, Sandy, we’ve got no more to give!

Coast-protecting, county-unifying tulips to Doreen Farr and Steve Pappas heading to the runoff for 3rd District supervisor, the two best possible options for our community. So, are we disappointed? Farr from it!