Editor, Daily Nexus,

If Students for Safer Studying would kindly remove their heads from their asses (“Swap Illicit Adderall for Healthier Perks of Caffeine,” Daily Nexus, May 30), they would realize that Adderall is the prescription name for a mixture of amphetamine isomers, while Ritalin is the prescription name for methylphenidate. Perhaps if they spent less time handing out sugary drinks filled with nasty chemicals that make people nauseous and jittery, they would have more time to do some actual research and educate themselves on what they are ingesting and feeding other people. They may even notice that the “physiological consequences” of caffeine use are the exact same as those of the “evil” Adderall. Why? Because they are both stimulants. While I don’t use Adderall, demonizing one drug while glorifying another is just ignorant and disrespectful to people who choose more refined stimulation.