Proposition 98 claims the ability to protect property owners, but allows for too many potentially dangerous interpretations. The proposition aims to restrict the government’s ability to take private property through eminent domain and would phase out rent control laws. Importantly for Isla Vista residents, by eliminating rent control and the ability for the government to enact rent control measures in the future, Prop 98 gives ultimate power to I.V. slumlords. Furthermore, under Prop 98, local and state governments would not be allowed to seize property and transfer it to a private party, use it for purposes similar to the ways the private owner did, or even consume the property’s natural resources, like oil. Four years ago, Measure 37 in Oregon tried to address similar issues, and after it was enacted, thousands of lawsuits ensued. If passed, the proposition will put too much pressure on local courts to solve its loose ends.

The Daily Nexus strongly opposes Proposition 98.