Um, you guys, I have some really bad news. I didn’t win hottest college girl 2008. Damn it! I am so disappointed! I was really going for that, too. I’m gonna go jump off the cliff now. Life is not worth living anymore.

Joking aside, did you guys know about this? The College Humor people put together a Hot College Girl contest. Sixty-four girls were pitted against each other in four brackets: North, South, East and West. It’s like March Madness minus the swamp ass plus boobies. I’m assuming people voted on the girls in each round, and eventually Allison there beat out the tough competition to win the highest honors.

I didn’t really want to get out my crazy feminist hat, but how can I not with this? Is the contest not literally making these girls into pretty faces to look at? Oh, yeah, the girls have special little bios that I’m sure people included in their decision to vote, but come on.

People baffle me sometimes. This hot girl contest weirds me out the same way does. I’m just wondering what the best outcome is from putting yourself out there to be judged solely on your looks.

*Phew* Thanks for listening. I’ll step off my soapbox now.