Editor, Daily Nexus,

The Nexus on Tuesday accurately described my reaction to David Horowitz’s characterization of a Palestinian “scarf” as “terrorist headscarf,” (“Horowitz Speaks on Religion, Terrorism,” Daily Nexus, May 13). I am writing this letter to publicly express what I already said immediately following the event to co-organizers of the event and others in attendance who thanked me. Although I feel my emotional reaction to his rhetoric in that particular case was justified, I regret the form of expression in which it revealed itself. I “bit at his bait” and, in so doing, allowed him to challenge my credibility. I regret that. More generally, I regret modeling through my outburst to students an ultimately unproductive form of expression.

I am involved in efforts to offer more productive venues for expression of differing opinions on Middle Eastern issues. I hope better examples of civil discourse will be on display during those occasions.