I have been quiet lately. For the past few weeks, I have remained in the shadows, reluctant to intercede in shoddy debate. My days have consisted of watching Fox News, reading a copious amount of political columns and trying to keep my lunch down after hearing Matthew DeBord of the LA Times attack Gen. David Petraeus for sporting his medals in public. However, I cannot hold my silence any longer. It has reached the point where I am literally seconds away from kicking the television off of the stand. I realize I attack Barack Obama quite often, but with the recent shedding of light on Obama’s hidden character, I feel compelled to shower him with my scathing commentary.

I have an honest question: Who is this guy? Is he the “new” politician, transcending political lines and establishing a new kind of politics – or is there something more to this enchanting tale?

As we all know, Obama was an ardent follower of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s execrable teachings. Oh I’m sorry, Obama “didn’t know” about this behavior. My “white greed” must be running a “world in need.” Obama is the husband of Michelle Obama, a woman who thinks America is a “mean” country, that same “mean” country that provided her with two Ivy League degrees. Obama also has a friendly relationship with William Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist with the Weather Underground group who bombed the Pentagon, police headquarters in New York City and the Capitol building. Excuse me while I go punch a baby. Obama excuses his relationship with Ayers by claiming he was only 8 years old when these acts of terror were carried out. Very good, Barack! However, that does not excuse your associations with this fanatic. Ayers is just an English professor, though! Correct – and Hitler was Time Magazine’s Man of the Year.

Obama, in a private speech in San Francisco, labeled working-class Americans as “bitter” individuals who cling to their religion, guns and have antipathy to people who are not like them. He also said they have anti-immigrant and anti-trade sentiment as a means of explaining their frustrations about their economic situations. Obama, the man who vehemently opposes North American Free Trade Agreement and the Colombia Free Trade deal, is actually accusing others of being anti-trade. What a dope!

Obama, the man who attacks the $500 billion war that has thwarted many potential terrorist attacks on American soil and sent a malevolent dictator into the pit of hell, has proposed $1 trillion in new government spending. When Bill “Jesse Jackson won South Carolina, too” Clinton cut the capital gains tax to 20 percent in 1997 and President Bush cut it to 15 percent, government revenues from the tax increased. When the tax was raised to 28 percent in the 1980s, revenues went down. Obama plans to raise the tax for purposes of “fairness.” Hey Barack, Karl Marx called and wants his ideas back. Obama wants the Bush tax cuts to expire, which, if accomplished, would put a $1,800 tax burden on American taxpayers. He also supports Nancy Pelosi’s new tax increase proposal, which would serve as the biggest tax hike in American history, placing a $3,000 tax burden on American taxpayers. Now THAT is change!

Obama has a 100 percent liberal voting record, showing no signs of transcending party lines. He rejects stereotypes, but gaily throws them around by labeling others as “typical white,” Bible-thumping, trigger-happy Americans. And he is opposed to wearing his American flag pin, claiming it is not a true symbol of his patriotism. If he truly believes that, then I expect him to toss the wedding ring as well, because it should not serve as a symbol for his devotion to the newly patriotic wife.

Barack Obama is indubitably the worse candidate in this presidential race. The sad thing is, most of his sheep have no idea who this man is or what he advocates. It is time we step up and fight back against this nauseating blather. I would love to talk more, but my Bible study group is meeting with members of the National Rifle Association, and we are going to march to the border with ‘Stop’ signs because we’re pissed off we didn’t receive our tax rebate checks yet.