Think globally, act locally. We’ve all heard that. Here’s what it means for UCSB students: To be good stewards of the environment, we must protect the quality of the air, water and land here where we live. The best way to protect Santa Barbara County is to register to vote here and then vote in this spring’s 3rd District primary.

The 3rd District race provides you a golden opportunity to have a profound effect on preserving Santa Barbara County. A heavy turnout at UCSB and in Isla Vista will get the attention of the establishment now and for years to come.

Save the Coast: Transferring development rights from Naples to urban areas can save the Gaviota Coast, improving profitability of agriculture and purchase of conservation easements. I will fight the Bacara building 65 condos impeding access to Haskell’s Beach.

Green Agenda: The county must promote sustainability, require solar energy on most major developments, put solar on county buildings, run their vehicle fleet on alternative fuels, promote the bio-fuels industry and increase recycling.

Foot Patrol Reform: A major issue is the performance of the I.V. Foot Patrol. The next 3rd District supervisor can make a dramatic improvement. I witnessed the Foot Patrol’s good work at the time it started – sadly, its enforcement performance is becoming increasingly problematic.

In a recent productive meeting with Sheriff Bill Brown, I urged him to return to the founding principles of the Foot Patrol: community responsiveness, sensitivity to local concerns and good community relations, with staff training provided by local residents and professionals, UCSB students, staff and faculty.

Community Policing: The noise ordinance creates needless problems. It must be revised with a late zone east of Camino Pescadero. The Foot Patrol must protect intoxicated I.V. residents, not arbitrarily arrest them. That’s why I favor an I.V. sobering facility, an intermediate step prior to automatic incarceration. I will revise or repeal the keg ordinance.

We need more alcohol awareness programs. Forty years experience providing drug abuse treatment and prevention provide me the skills for immediate, tangible drug policy reform results.

Drug Policy Reform: Our current approach of demonization, discrimination and criminalization is an abject failure, costing taxpayers over $100 billion annually. This misguided policy has shattered millions of lives and disproportionately affects the poor, blacks, Hispanics and youth. There is a distinction between drug “use” and drug “abuse.” We must treat drug abuse, not jail people suffering from a psychological affliction.

Medicinal Cannabis: I’ve taught courses on drug pharmacology at UCSB, UCSF and SDSU, and am recognized as one of the top cannabinologists in the country. The Wall Street Journal named me “Doctor of the Day.” My presentation on “Cannabis and Cannabinoids In The 21st Century” is a top video on the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine’s Web site.

Commitment to Isla Vista: I moved to I.V. in 1970, founded the I.V. Medical Clinic and maintained close ties to the community ever since. I was on the Board of Isla Vista Health Projects from 1975-2000. I was a member of the Committee to Save Perfect Park – and we did. On the Goleta West Sanitary District, I championed funding for the manual street cleaning program, which helps fund the successful Adopt-A-Block program. I was on the I.V. Peace Monument Committee.

UCSB Connection: I taught the first UCSB Human Sexuality course, and the first UCSB course on psychoactive drug pharmacology. My Black Studies Dept. course on the discriminatory basis of U.S. drug policies provided material for my new book: “Demons, Discrimination and Dollars: A Brief History of the Origins of American Drug Policy.”

The Qualified Candidate: I’ve served over 20 years in local elected office – including the Isla Vista Community Council, the Goleta Water Board and the Goleta West Sanitary District – and on numerous local, county and state committees and commissions. I am the qualified candidate. Check my Web site,, for more information.

Vote June 3: I would appreciate you selecting me as the best candidate to represent you on the County Board of Supervisors.