Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am a proud progressive and a proud Roman Catholic. Therefore, it was with a suspicious interest I read Jeff Dulgar’s column (“Liberals Sideline ‘In God We Trust,'” Daily Nexus, April 29). That suspicion was confirmed when I saw how audaciously Dulgar advocates using faith in God as a political tool for nationalist ideologies. He traces the phrase “In God We Trust” through American history, arguing how it has been used to unify Americans through difficult times. He ignores, however, the fact it marginalizes people who do not believe in that particular deity. Furthermore, Dulgar asserts how it is a crazy liberal conspiracy to think the “religious right apparently has this evil agenda to take over our nation and turn America into a backward religious state.” Hmmm… where would we get that idea? Certainly not from George W. Bush’s “faith-based initiatives,” which fund religious groups with federal money. And definitely not from attempts to teach “intelligent design” as a legitimate scientific theory in public schools – but strangely, no calls to also teach other creation mythologies. And it’s not like our presidential candidates have been asked in debates how their religious faith has impacted their personal and political lives. In fact, it is a figment of liberal imagination that John McCain stated: “I just have to say in all candor that since this nation was founded primarily on Christian principles, personally, I prefer someone [as president] who has a grounding in my faith.” In response to Jeff Dulgar, I say my faith is my business, and I do not want or need it validated by the government to control anyone’s mind, heart, words or body, and I certainly do not need my money to confirm my religion.