Following a five-year absence that stemmed from a series of alcohol violations and low recruitment years, one former campus fraternity is prepared to make its comeback in 2009.

The UCSB chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha has recently gained approval from the fraternity’s national organization and now awaits a response from the campus Interfraternity Council. The fraternity had been placed on probation on numerous occasions since 1999, and closed in 2004. Lambda Chi Alpha’s meeting with the IFC is scheduled for May 13.

According to the UCSB chapter’s Web site, the fraternity’s violations included providing alcohol to minors, purchasing alcohol with chapter funds and defaulting on a payment plan that caused Lambda Chi Alpha to incur a debt of $5,546.

IFC President J.P. Primeau said that Lambda Chi Alpha representatives will meet with the IFC to talk about the fraternity’s return next month.

“[Representatives] are flying out from Indiana to present to the IFC board on May 13,” Primeau said. “[They want] to discuss the plan to return to the campus.”
Before the fraternity may return, the IFC must vote to allow Lambda Chi Alpha onto the campus, Primeau said. The fraternity would then exist as a colony on campus. A colony is a probationary body of a fraternity or sorority that is not chartered by its national greek organization. If the colony becomes sustainable and flourishes, its national organization may agree to charter it.

Primeau said that a colony must abide by university and IFC requirements, but cannot participate in IFC rush or vote as a full member of IFC.

“In order to come back on campus, they must go through a colony phase where they must abide by university and IFC educational and community service requirements,” Primeau said. “But [the fraternity would] not be allowed to participate in IFC rush or have a full vote on the board.

Primeau said that after the colony finishes a certain period while observing the requirements from the university and IFC, a vote by the council will determine if the colony can become a full chapter in IFC.

“The period is usually around 18 months,” Primeau said. “After this, there is a vote. [If the IFC approves,] they are let back into IFC and become an IFC frat.”

The fraternity headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind. did not return phone calls for comment.