Editor, Daily Nexus,

I always enjoy how people from totalitarian regimes – as nearly all Chinese students are with their full government sponsorships – come to America and take full advantage of our Constitutional rights of free speech and assembly. While at home in China, they would be met with a crack on the head by the local police and a black hole of imprisonment if they did the same actions.

If the Tibetan bike-rider advocates lie so much, as the monster-flag-waving Chinese nationals argue, then why does the government of China prohibit news reports and Internet access to a billion Chinese people? Censorship there remains the desperation of tyrants.

I certainly hope the university charges a super premium price on the fees and tuition these Chinese students are paying, as their government certainly can afford it and the UCSB budget needs it. But I do not blame them entirely, because if they refused to obey the dictates of their government, we certainly can imagine how they and their families would be punished.