Campus officials have confirmed that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has repaid the $11,112 she owed UCSB following her January rally.

Clinton’s rally, held in the Rec Cen Pavilion Gym on Jan. 17, incurred charges for both the use of the venue and the increased security that was called in as a result of the unruly crowd of students and community members that gathered at the event entrance in an attempt to gain entry.

According to Luis Vizcaino, Clinton campaign communications director, the invoice was paid March 31, but, as of April 8, UCSB officials said they had not received payment.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs Paul Desruisseaux said the funds have now come through.

“[The Clinton campaign was] a little late, but they did pay,” Desruisseaux said.

An invoice for the services was sent to the Clinton Campaign in February. Desruisseaux had said UCSB would likely consider the payment delinquent 90 days after the submission of the invoice.