Scott McDonald runs unopposed, but nonetheless brings many admirable qualities to the table as a candidate for student advocate general. He has worked for two years as a caseworker and is the current chief of staff of the Office of Student Advocate. His goal to increase communication with the Office of Residential Life and his knowledgeable background instill confidence in his ability to do so. During his Nexus interview, he discussed increasing the caseload for next year, and making sure his office has use of legal resources in order to provide the best avenue for students.

McDonald recognizes the need for a greater focus on campus issues. He was ardent about reforming College Alcohol Substance Education, and acknowledges the many flaws within the system. He was passionate about stopping the flow of unnecessary assignments to C.A.S.E., noting how he sees dozens of situations where non-drinkers are admitted for having evidence left by friends, or simply being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. McDonald has the necessary experience, work ethic and concrete goals for the position.