Editor, Daily Nexus,

We think it interesting the Weatherhuman sits directly adjacent to a disclaimer stating how the opinions expressed within are not necessarily those of the Daily Nexus. As real and legally binding as this disclaimer may be, it does not shield the Nexus, its staff or its editors from being represented by the content of that column. On the first day of Spring Quarter, the Weatherhuman began: “…those of us who aren’t poor just spent the last week traveling…” For those who can easily afford to live in Santa Barbara or attend UCSB it’s easy to forget that some people are less privileged than others. This remark by the ‘human not only acknowledges the less fortunate but rejoices in their financial disparity. Those students who worked before, during and after Spring Break just to pay their rent should not have that thrown in their faces upon returning to their second job – which is learning. By blindly inserting disclaimers, the Nexus ignorantly condones the attitudes of its writers – disclaimers do not replace editing! It is unlikely that the ‘human’s disregard for people less lucky than itself can be unlearned and it is unfortunate that the Nexus encourages such remarks through irresponsible publishing practices.

We were disgusted to read that comment – if a visitor to the campus read this article and took it to represent our campus’ opinion, we should be ashamed. There are people struggling to get by while they attend the university, and this comment casually flaunts the life of privilege enjoyed by some of their peers. The Daily Nexus should bear in mind that it represents this institution and the people who constitute it. Disclaimers are fine but editorial review could be a more prudent course in future dealings with the ‘human. The Weatherhuman, like all material printed by the Nexus, is representative of the Nexus and the university. Poor or not, the students, staff and faculty of UCSB expect more than trite, elitist commentary from our Daily Nexus. If the ‘human is not clever enough to be interesting without being insulting maybe it should be reassigned. Conversely, if the writers and editors of the Nexus want to represent “… those of us who aren’t poor…” they may find themselves choosing between their writers and their readers.

Today’s forecast: the ‘human forgot to thank its mommy and daddy for the “shittiest flight” of its life.