Nearly 80 days after Hillary Clinton first came to campus, the $11,112 owed from her campaign to UCSB has yet to be paid.

Clinton’s rally, held in the Rec Cen Pavilion Gym on Jan. 17, incurred charges for both the use of the venue and the increased security that was called in as a result of the unruly crowd of students and community members that gathered before the event entrance in an attempt to gain entry. Other universities, including the University of California, Davis, have also yet to receive payment for the use of venues.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs Paul Desruisseaux said that while the Clinton campaign has yet to pay its debt, university officials are not yet considering the bill delinquent.

“All I can say is that our paperwork has been submitted and we fully expect to be reimbursed our expenses in due course,” Desruisseaux said.

The Clinton campaign did not return several calls and e-mails from the Daily Nexus requesting comment.

The contract for the rally was made in advance of the rally and included a stipulation for additional charges that would be incurred if too many students showed up for security to handle. The event saw only 1,200 people gain admittance – a total of about 3,600 people showed up.

Additional security such as officers from both the UC Police Dept. and Community Service Organization were called in to control the resulting anarchy caused by the crowds of people attempting to gain entrance.

“Our campus business office negotiated with the campaign in advance and they were aware what the scale of payments would be,” Desruisseaux said. “If the crowd was bigger than a certain size there would be some extra costs.”

An invoice for the services was sent to the Clinton Campaign in February. Desruisseaux said that the campus would likely consider the payment delinquent 90 days after the submission of the invoice.

“It’s not yet been 45 days [since the invoice was sent], so its not considered something that is delinquent as yet,” Desruisseaux said. “The campus will continue to pursue payment.”