Following a call from his girlfriend, who alleged domestic violence, a UCSB student was apprehended Saturday on charges that included resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer with spit.

Police received a domestic violence alert around 2 p.m. on Saturday from a 20-year-old UCSB student claiming that UCSB second-year student Kevin Plapp had hit her and threatened to injure himself. According to the report, Plapp allegedly resisted orders and became aggressive with police. When Plapp was taken into a patrol car, his girlfriend then told an officer that Plapp had not struck her and that she had only said as much so officers would arrive quicker or Plapp would leave faster.

Although Plapp’s girlfriend did speak to a Daily Nexus photographer on the record during the incident, as part of the newspaper’s policy, the Nexus is not divulging the woman’s name as other aspects of the domestic dispute are not yet known and the subject may have spoken while under duress.

According to the police report, Isla Vista Foot Patrol officers claimed that when they arrived, Plapp’s girlfriend was screaming, “Fuck you, fuck you, Kevin.” Police allege that Plapp repeatedly refused to obey their orders and shouted, “No,” while holding a small dog in his arms. Officers reportedly gave Plapp several more chances to comply with the order. Plapp then put the dog down but allegedly remained resistant to the commands.

Officers approached Plapp in an attempt to physically control him. According to the report, Plapp screamed, “Get the fuck off me,” “Fuck you” and “I’m not resisting” during the struggle. In response to Plapp’s alleged resistance, an officer struck Plapp several times in the stomach.

According to the police report, the threat of using taser was made only after Plapp escaped from an officer. With the arrival of additional University of California, Santa Barbara Police Dept. officers, Plapp was then subdued forcibly without the use of a taser.

Kiel McElroy, a fourth-year geology major and resident of the neighboring house, said he saw the event through his window and believed that Plapp showed no sign of physical resistance.

“I saw them rush the kid, grab him around the neck, throw a few punches and take him down,” McElroy said. “He definitely wasn’t aggressive, reaching for any weapons or trying to hit the cop back. He put his hands against his neck because he was being choked, but I wouldn’t say he was aggressively resisting.”

Plapp was charged with resisting arrest and loaded into a police car. Reports claimed that Plapp attempted to fit his legs between his arms to get his hands in front of him, but was promptly re-handcuffed. Plapp allegedly managed to spit through a 4-inch window gap and hit an officer on the shoulder, shouting, “Fuck you, motherfucker.” Plapp was then issued an assault charge and a mask was placed over his face.

The police report also alleged that Plapp slammed his head against the Plexiglas police car divider several times during the ride and that he was uncooperative throughout the booking process, purportedly faking a medical condition while in holding.