Rock Band? Rock Band. Yes, the stuff of legends is now at your fingertips. And what better way to prove your worth as a rock star than incorporate drinking into your game.

Party like a rock star? Yes, I think so. There are a number of fun and easy ways that you can bring drinking into your performance.

The first is simple. Have a 30-pack on hand – usually it’s a little better if they are about room temperature. Grab your instruments of choice (or singing stick) and choose a song. At the end of the song, the person who has performed the best does not have to shotgun with the other members of the band, but if they are truly a rock star then they will obviously choose to do so. If you dare to be bolder, then you can substitute a shotgun with shots, or even handle pulls. After a couple of songs you will most definitely be ready to really start drinking. Rock Band players usually choose to pre-party for their pre-party.

A second way in which you can incorporate the art of boozing into a great Rock Band session is to have to drink a certain amount of booze before the song has finished, without failing. Two beers or a couple of shots are the standard rate. If you do happen to fail throughout the course of the rock ballad then you must suffer the consequence, with alcohol consumption the penalty. This also has a tendency to bring out the rock star in you fairly quickly, so the difficulty level should be adjusted accordingly. It also helps if you have non-players available to feed you beers or shots. In a variation of this game, the loser has to hold a beer throughout the following song – a challenge for even the most talented “musician.” Rock Band is a great element that adds a great distraction and drinking game to any party. If playing with members of the opposite sex, make sure you have a bed ready, as drunken Rock Band sessions usually lead to good hookup sessions. If you are truly trying to epitomize the rock stars of legend, you can even have a Rock Band session while having a hookup session. All in all, Rock Band has the potential to morph a kickback into an all out party.

You can even host Rock Band parties, in which the focus of the party is the game. The attendees must be attired in various rock-worthy outfits, and make handle pulls the only option for hard alcohol consumption. In the event you do host a Rock Band party, prepare for your instruments to take some damage or become lost. If you happen to lose your drumsticks, for instance, you can substitute chopsticks or even spoons so the drinking and rocking can continue – although the same cannot be said for the other instruments. The Rock Band/drinking experience is best enjoyed with the involvement of the bass guitar, which can add to the drinking potential of the game.

A last way in which you can also incorporate competitiveness and drinking into the game: If you have any extra guitars, drums or even a mic, challenge others to battle with you. The losing party then must consume the agreed upon amount of booze before playing again. Rocking out in Versus mode can bring a great sense of either accomplishment or shame while getting effed up. You can do this with friends, at home or even online, although as it is a drinking game, you must play by the honor rule if facing online opponents (of course while making sure your enemy is old enough to consume man-sodas).

Drinking and music are a lethal combination for a killer party, so make sure that you are prepared before exploring the Rock Band option. As for me, I have even challenged myself while playing Rock Band alone as to hopefully one day truly be a rock star.