Editor, Daily Nexus,

I would like to take this chance to both educate the UCSB community and blast Larri Gregg and her cohorts for spreading simplistic and inaccurate views (“Unexpected Campus Missile Projects Shock Student,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 8).

As an alumnus from UCSB, I’m saddened to see one of its undergraduate students spew such nonsense without doing proper research.

Firstly, the Raytheon site in Goleta is not a missile factory – it’s an electronic warfare facility. EW has relatively nothing to do with making missiles. In fact, they work on non-lethal ways of neutralizing a threat. Try typing in Google “Active Denial System.”

Secondly, most of the nanotechnology research does not go into making weapons, but into designing better materials for soldiers – more advanced armor, uniforms that allow soldiers to stay cool in blistering heat, etc. You’re a physics major – take advantage of the nanotech classes offered to you and try to educate yourself before speaking.

Lastly, the UC nuclear lab’s research goes into making sure the nuclear stockpile remains safe – wouldn’t want one of those detonating accidentally – as well as finding ways to test without using live fire exercises such as those conducted by India and North Korea. Imagine the radiation. Search Google for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Dept. of Energy, who heavily finance the facilities you use, and understand their projects and duties before you write this garbage.

Before you speak, research and thoroughly understand the area you are trying to address. Otherwise, you and your cohorts appear like mindless drones, looking for a cause to champion while you wait to come down from your marijuana-induced highs.

Want a cause to fight for? Address the issues causing war and conflict. Stop wasting time attacking companies just trying to give the soldiers the best tools possible should war become a regrettable, but necessary solution. When a war has started, it’s already too late to protest.