Forgive me for epitomizing the typical American flag-wielding patriot on an everyday basis, but I see the act of expressing good ol’ American patriotism as an essential, since this nation could possibly be heading down a road we may regret in the future. Some of you may be under the delusion that I am a “nut-job” with right-wing beliefs whose daily routine consists of being invective against the left. My goal is to show you the other side of the political spectrum – the side you don’t normally hear about on a college campus.

There is one thing that concerns me – the question of “What does the future hold in store for America?” This is a question each and every one of us should be asking ourselves, as well as our peers. The Democrats advocate the recently clichéd, “Change.” But what exactly IS change? Former presidential hopeful, Rudy Giuliani, addressed this very question and gave a compelling response. The change endorsed by Giuliani and most of the other Republican hopefuls is the return to Reagan Conservatism.

Reagan Conservatism consists of cutting taxes and spending, smaller government, stronger military, free markets and secure borders. I, along with many other Reagan Conservatives, hold these beliefs true to my heart and I believe these “changes” would steer America back to the path of liberty and prosperity. However, on the other end of the spectrum, the type of “change” the Democratic presidential hopefuls espouse is tax hikes, socialized health care, bigger government and surrender in Iraq. The annual cost of Hillary Clinton’s health care plan is $110 billion! Do you know where Hillary is going to get the funding for this plan? By raising your taxes! I find it odd when the Democrats continuously harangue President Bush for our huge deficit, citing it as the primary cause for the “failing economy,” and then have the audacity to propose an increase in spending. Is this the kind of “change” that Americans want? The Democratic presidential hopefuls are lacking a cohesive plan for America, based on the circus I’ve seen in their recent debates. It seems to me they are more interested in besmirching one another, rather than bringing about a coherent strategy to bring America to the top. Oh, and to the Hillary supporters: Bill “I did not inhale” Clinton is really hurting Hillary’s campaign to become Mr. President. I hope you’ve begun to realize this.

As I walk past the multiple candidate-endorsing stands across campus, I see the supporters making attempts to lionize their desired candidate based on his or her “likeability factor.” To base your support around whether the candidate is a “nice person” is ridiculous. A good personality won’t win wars or result in a booming economy, strong conviction and determination will. Both conservatives and liberals are guilty of trying to promote the “personality” of their candidate rather than outlining their strategies and policies.

So the choice is up to you. The choice to embark down the road towards socialism, an extreme “change” that will most likely trigger the downfall of the U.S., or to embark down the road towards fiscal conservatism, enhanced national security, and liberty for all without government breathing down your necks. I truly believe this nation is in need of change, but it all comes down to the question, “What kind of ‘change’ is America ready for?”

Many think we don’t need another Republican in the White House “because President Bush ruined everything.” Though I wholly disagree with this belief, I will concede that President Bush is not a fiscal conservative. We need a Reagan Conservative back in the White House. I believe America was at her prime under the intrepid leadership of former President Reagan. When Reagan entered the White House, he inherited – from Democrat Jimmy Carter – an inflation rate of 14 percent, an unemployment rate of 7.5 percent, and 21 percent interest rates. With basic “Reaganomics,” Reagan’s policies helped create 20 million new jobs, cut the tax rate to 28 percent, brought the inflation rate to 4.8 percent, brought interest rates to 11 percent, and brought unemployment to 5.4 percent. After an economy like Carter left behind, I’d say that’s pretty good. The choice is in your hands, my friends, and I can only trust you will make the right one.