Official Language:
“Reduces permissible state legislative service to 12 years. Allows 12 years’ service in one house. Current legislators can serve 12 years in current house, regardless of prior legislative service. Fiscal Impact: No direct fiscal effect on state or local governments.”

What a YES vote means:
The maximum number of years members in the state legislature could serve is 12 regardless of whether they serve in the Assembly or the Senate. However, some current members could be allowed to serve more than the current allotment of 14 years.

What a NO vote means:
The maximum number of years members can serve in the state legislature would remain 14: up to six years in the Assembly and eight years in the Senate.

There is no reason to change the status quo currently defining the limitation of service in either Assembly or the Senate. Changing the current limitation of service seems to violate certain principles of democracy – namely the prompt replacement of elected officials. We find it odd that this proposition is being brought up just as longtime incumbent candidates such as Fabian Núñez find their time in office drawing to a close.
The Nexus opposes Prop. 93