Although weekend rain may have canceled a few parties in Isla Vista, inclement weather did not stop one tree from “razing” the roof.

Following a loud crack and some violent shaking, residents of 6502 Sabado Tarde Rd. were surprised on Saturday night when a full-grown eucalyptus tree fell into the side of their building as a result of Saturday’s extreme weather conditions.

The impact of the falling tree shattered part of the upstairs railing and bent a section of the roof inward. Residents of the second-story apartment that stood in the path of the tree were not harmed by the crash, and crews arrived early this morning to remove the foliage. The tree was one in a row of eucalyptuses that separate west campus from I.V.

According to residents, the impact was felt throughout the four-unit complex. Samantha Stinger, a fourth-year dramatic arts major and resident of the adjacent unit, said that she first mistook the violent shake for a car’s bass or a loud subwoofer, but opened her door to see leaves hanging down in front of her neighbor’s door.

“I was at my apartment and I heard a crashing sound that shook the house,” Stinger said. “I got kind of freaked out, so we looked outside and the tree was embedded in the side of the apartment.”

Crews worked through the rain to tend to the fallen eucalyptus yesterday. UCSB Acting Director of Physical Facilities Jon Cook arrived to the site of the accident and blamed the recent storms for tipping the tree.

“The tree fell over due to wind and rain last night,” Cook said. “We got a call at 7 a.m. this morning.”

According to Cook, the weather has had disastrous consequences on and around campus, citing a string of eight downed trees he had dealt with recently. Cook said that the impact in this particular case was not severe, as it did not cause any injury or irreparable damage.

Stinger said that while the incident may have frightened her at the time, the outcome now seems humorous.

“It was scary and then we were like, cool, there’s a tree in the house,” Stinger said. “I’m glad no one got hurt.”