While the temperature outside ranges from almost summer to downright chilly, it is never too cold for a scoop of ice cream or a sweet treat. Let these Santa Barbara eateries tempt you with their multitude of flavors, sweet samples and yummy candies.

Sweet Scoop
147 N. Fairview Ave.
(805) 967-4579

Carvel dates back to 1934, when Thomas Carvel began selling ice cream in New York, from the back of his broken ice cream truck. According to the company’s Web site, the company continued to grow and eventually reached over to Goleta. This franchised store is operated by owner Ragni Patel, who said the store is very popular with UCSB staff.

“UCSB staff buys a lot of cakes from us,” Patel said. “Our cakes are all ice cream cakes, there are two layers of ice cream with a chocolate crunch in the middle.”

Patel said Carvel also makes cakes to order along with their range of cakes in stock.

Scooping up about 18 freshly made ice creams, Patel said the eatery is popular for its soft-serve and sundaes.

“We have hot fudge, hot caramel, strawberry,” he said. We have something called dashers, which are a kind of specialty sundae, [with] peanut butter cup, mint chip and strawberry dashers.

According to Patel, popular flavors include cake mix, mint chip and cherry vanilla. But if you want chocolate, he said, try the Crispy Chocolate Crunch.

“Crispy Chocolate crunch is chocolate mixed with chocolate syrup with cocca powder with Hersey’s bars,” he said. “It’s like a chocolate city.”

All ice creams are home made, Patel said, and flavors vary so something new is constantly available.

“All of the ice creams are made in the store,” Patel said. “We make things as we need them, nothing comes from a factory.”

Grab a cup or a cone at Carvel from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

Deliciously Delightful
Debbie’s Delights
233 E. Guiterrez St.
(805) 966-3504

If you have enjoyed a pastry from the Arbor or perhaps a pretzel from Die Bretzel on campus, then you’ve had the delights from Debbie’s. A wholesale supplier to many local area cafes and hotels, the bakery also supplies Trader Joe’s with their freshly baked goods, according to President Peter Gaum.

While the bakery does not have a retail store of its own, Gaum said they do make birthday and graduation cakes to order.

“If people call in two days ahead for cakes, then we can make it and they can come in a pick it up,” Guam said.

He said the bakery sells a lot of croissants and muffins, evidenced with any quick trip to the corner store. Yet, their best seller is zucchini carrot bread, which like the other freshly made pastries, are only made with quality components, Gaum said.

“We only use the finest and natural ingredients,” he said. “We don’t use any enhancers and stabilizers.”

Call two days in advance to order a cake, or taste one of their delicious pastries at many local area cafes.

Great Scott!
Great Pacific Ice Cream Co.
219 Stearns Wharf
(805) 962-0108

Harkening back to images of children with dripping ice cream cones on hot summer’s days, Great Pacific Ice Cream Company scoops up cones and cups for the hot and hungry adventurers on Stearns Wharf.

According to the Stearns Wharf Web site, www.stearnswharf.org, the company serves 32 ice creams and sherbets, which are made locally. In the store are photographs from the film, “My Favorite Martian” (1999), starring Christopher Lloyd and Jeff Daniels. The scene where Uncle Martin (Llyod) makes multiple scoops of ice cream fly around the shop were actually shot on location at Great Pacific Ice Cream Co.

So, step onto a local movie set and enjoy two scoops from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

Rock Out
Rockin’ Yogurt
620 State St.
(805) 962-6190

Following in the craze of tart frozen yogurt, Rockin’ Yogurt offers a sweetly tart but healthy version of the traditional frozen yogurt. Fresh fruits, granola, chocolate chips are all available to add onto your yogurt, which is also available in several flavors.

Mimi Choi, who co-owns the shop with her daughter, said Rockin’ Yogurt offers a variety of toppings not found at many similar establishments.

“We have all kinds of fresh fruit, all kinds of berries,” Choi said. “[We have] mochi like a rice cake, we also have chocolate chips, [and] cereal stuff like Captain Crunch and Fruity Pebbles.”

Rockin’ Yogurt also serves multiple flavors, plain, mango, strawberry and green tea, Choi said. Also, she said it is perfect for the health-conscious.

“Our yogurt is non fat,” Choi said. “All flavors [of the yogurt] are non fat and very low in calories.”

Located downtown, Rockin’ Yogurt is perfect for a quick sweet stop when shopping or just hanging out. Stop by from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sundays.

Little Shop on Sweet Street
Sweet Alley
1103A State St.
(805) 899-8304

Missing those delicious candies of yesteryear? Or are you in search of nearly every flavor of Jelly Bellies? Then stroll down to Sweet Alley, where even the most hard to please candy connoisseur could find a tempting treat.

Owner Geoffrey Friedman said that the store sells many interesting kinds of retro and rare candies, such as Razzels, bottle caps, O’Henrys, pop rocks and fruit stripe gum.

The shop also serves up Double Rainbow ice cream, Friedman said, which is a super-premium ice cream from San Fransciso. Sweet Alley just started making their own ice cream cakes, and Friedman also said the shop serves frozen yogurt and offers many different types of bin candy.

“My personal favorite is in bulk, and it’s German raspberries,” he said. “I’ve probably liked them since I was about five years old.”

Sweet Alley makes many hand dipped items, such as chocolate covered pretzels Friedman said.

“We do chocolate-covered strawberries, great for those romantic times on Valentine’s day,” he said.

Amble on over to Sweet Alley from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday, and 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.

Sweet or tart, chocolate or vanilla, these local ice cream shops and sweet spaces will satisfy any need for a tasty treat.