Santa Barbara Mayor Marty Blum was redirected to a hospital yesterday after fainting on a flight headed toward Connecticut from Santa Barbara.

Blum and her husband, Dr. Joseph Blum, were flying to Connecticut on a personal trip when Blum fainted mid-flight. City of Santa Barbara Administrative Services Director Marcelo Lopez said he does not believe the episode was serious and said that Mayor Blum appears in good condition.

“She had the episode while in flight,” Lopez said. “She appears to be fine and that is pretty much all we know right now.”

Upon Blum’s fainting spell, the plane was diverted to the Las Vegas airport as a precautionary measure. Blum was taken to a hospital for testing, and doctors assure that she is in stable condition, according to a press release from the City Administrator’s Office.

“She’s in Las Vegas, scheduled to stay overnight in the hospital,” Lopez said.

According to the press release, Blum’s husband also said the mayor was in good condition. Lopez said Blum could leave the hospital as soon as tomorrow morning.

After serving two terms on the Santa Barbara City Council, Blum was elected as the mayor of Santa Barbara in Nov. 2001 and re-elected in Nov. 2005.

As mayor, Blum has focused on community improvement projects like affordable housing, traffic and parking. She oversaw the completion of downtown parking structures and said in her campaign she would like to add a carpool lane to Highway 101 between Ventura County and Milpas Street.

In addition, Blum serves on the U.S. Conference of Mayors Environment Committee and the U.S. Conference of Mayors Arts, Sports and Entertainment Committee.