Editor, Daily Nexus,

To the clowns of the “Community Members Against War” club, group, assembly, whatever you want to call it – guess what? The joke’s on you. You are the true clowns. Never once in my life have I been ashamed to be a UCSB student. But, after reading yesterday’s front page article (“Students Protest CIA’s Torture Tactics,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 15), I resented the fact that your affiliation would represent UCSB in such a horrendous manner towards a guest speaker on our campus. The CIA recruiter was right – he was not in violation of anything.

Of course, I know all you hippies have nothing better to do than run around like the clowns you are, and taunt the CIA representative, but since when is it right for any group to interrupt someone else’s presentation? The views presented may be to your extreme displeasure, but the way you clowns acted was just plain rude and disrespectful.

Here’s a lesson: Have respect and conduct yourselves in a proper manner that reflects highly on UCSB. Pass out fliers, rant and rave on a bullhorn, hold your “mock” press conference – I don’t care – as long as it is done before or after a speaker’s presentation, not during. How does this make UCSB look? How would that look to prospective guest speakers in the future? Find some real school pride.

In addition, as much as I love the Nexus, where was the full story? What was the CIA recruiter doing at UCSB? What was his purpose? Where was the mentioning of calling security? Where was security? At the “Obsession” viewing a couple of weeks ago, the CSOs were all over that like a fly on shit. Yet none could be found for this outright violation of free speech. Where are the opinions and quotes of the people that actually showed up in favor of the recruitment? What did they think about this debauchery? This story was plainly one sided when your job is to report, without bias.

On a final note, “Community Members Against War,”clowns – whatever the hell you think you are – learn some respect, smoke a J, stfu and don’t ever use UCSB’s name in your clown games ever again.