With a new display of upgrades in mind, shopping center developer Macerich Co. plans to add a little sparkle to the holiday season with a new branch of Tiffany & Co. in Santa Barbara’s La Cumbre Plaza.

The branch, opening Nov. 21, will span 3,400 square feet through the mall, replacing both See’s Candy and La Cumbre Guest Services. La Cumbre Plaza Marketing Manager Alice Love said the renovations should attract more shoppers, and appeal to the area’s demographics evenly.

“We have the ability and the opportunity to do some remerchandising, and these are retailers that want to be at Santa Barbara, and specifically at La Cumbre,” Love said. “We think that the lineup of retailers is going to appeal to a wide selection of consumers. We just don’t feel that the center is entirely upscale.”

Love said the mix of new retailers will attract many eager shoppers, and that Tiffany’s shared a mutual agreement with Macerich to erect the branch.

“I think Tiffany & Co. has a great relationship with Macerich, our parent company,” Love said. “When they looked into the Santa Barbara market and saw that Macerich owns La Cumbre, and saw the changes [we’re making to renovate the mall], it was enticing and it fit their needs. I think the general community is looking forward to Tiffany’s opening in Santa Barbara.”

Love said the store’s new location is ideal, as shoppers formerly had to travel to Los Angeles to find a Tiffany’s.

UCSB first-year Aubrey Oesterle and second-year psychology major Courtney Moore both said they believe the proximity of the new branch will not result in more UCSB students shopping at Tiffany’s.

“I think more adults than college students [will shop at Tiffany’s], just because we generally have more limited funds; and not always people in relationships, either, because some girls will splurge on themselves,” Moore said.

However, Santa Barbara Tiffany & Co. Store Manager Sabrina Kelly said she believed the store would add to the elegance of the area.

“Santa Barbara is often referred to as the ‘American Riviera,’ with an effortless elegance and style, which makes it an ideal setting for Tiffany’s,” Kelly said. “It is also a destination for those seeking a romantic getaway – perhaps an engagement or special celebration – as well as an idyllic vacation setting.”

Like the other Tiffany’s branches, the Santa Barbara location will feature an early 20th century themed interior designed to compliment its newest collection, American Glamour – an archival exhibition of jewelry from the 1930s through the ’50s on view from Nov. 21 to Nov. 27.

Kelly said the new store’s design is also influenced by the Santa Barbara area, yet still maintains the traditional themes.

“Tiffany & Co. has designed the new store to reflect the natural beauty of Santa Barbara’s surroundings with architectural elements of the flagship store in New York,” Kelly said. “The store’s façade incorporates Tiffany’s classic architectural elements including polished marbles, stone entry arch, and show windows with metalwork details like those of Tiffany’s New York flagship store.”

Tiffany & Co. will host a pre-opening private event on Nov. 20 entitled “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to disclose its partnership with at least four community organizations.

Kelly also said the store will add its brilliance to the area.

“Tiffany & Co. is excited to join the Santa Barbara community,” she said. “One of our traditions is to partner with local community groups and we look forward to meeting – and working with different groups in the area. Tiffany selected Santa Barbara because it is a vibrant city with a growing regional population and economy. By being here, it will be convenient for local customers to shop at Tiffany as well as a great destination for tourists visiting the area. With the excellence of Tiffany design and our superior service, we hope to establish many lasting relationships.”