Correction: The following article originally attributed an allegation regarding an Isla Vista parking plot to Kris Miller-Fisher. The quotation belonged to Liz Buda.

Following its regularly scheduled meeting in which one member resigned, Associated Students Legislative Council held its first working meeting of the year yesterday, discussing projects regarding parking, promotion and honoraria.

The board tabled two bills and quickly went through its meeting in order to break into three groups to discuss future goals. In internal news, A.S. On-Campus Rep Trevor Lyon notified the council of his resignation, which members recognized with consent. He did not attend yesterday’s meeting.

“Trevor contacted me, we had a discussion and he decided to resign,” Internal Vice President Matt Jackson said. “He just felt he was unable to fulfill his duties and thought it would be best to step down.”

According to Jackson, the council will first offer the position to Narain Kumar, the person next in line for on-campus rep as a result of receiving enough votes in the Spring Election. If Kumar refuses, the council will approach the next candidate on the list.

During the working meeting, the honoraria subgroup focused on the quarterly stipend given to Leg members. Currently, Leg Council members may receive a maximum amount of $400 per quarter.

Group members discussed topics affecting honoraria, such as the idea of A.S. providing public service and leadership experience, as well as concerns over offering adequate wages for work.

“It would be a shame for people not to be able to participate in A.S. just because they don’t have adequate finances,” proxy Dan Plotkin said.

The group developed two tentative models for consideration. Model One, based on the amount of time spent on average at Leg Council meetings, would lower the stipend to $320 per quarter – totaling $7,680 for 24 members. Model Two encompasses further responsibilities, such as other required meetings and office hours, and aims to pay a quarterly honorarium of $640, or $15,360 for all council members.

Additionally, representatives said they wanted student input regarding honoraria.

Members in the group discussing A.S. promotional activities developed a plan to offer free coffee in the library during Finals and Dead weeks.

Meanwhile, those considering parking tackled both off-campus and on-campus parking. Members plan to research increasing access for students in parking lots oncampus.

As for parking in Isla Vista, Off-Campus Rep Liz Buda said a plan is allegedly being developed by county officials to charge residents $150 per year to park in I.V. Buda said the committee is not official, but that Kris Miller-Fisher, director of special projects at the Third District office, local business owners, land managers and university representatives are involved.

“It’s not official, but the people who are meeting are big names in the I.V. community,” Buda said. “[The plan will] be doing what we’re doing right now [which is parking on the street], but we’ll have to pay for it. They’re saying it’s for our benefit.”