Associated Students Finance Board allocated $45,799.92 to 13 groups last night, doling out money from several different funds.

As of yesterday’s meeting, Finance Board has $48,577.29 remaining in unallocated funds for the rest of Fall Quarter. The board also has $3,833 in the special fund for sports club travel to distribute for the academic year. Meanwhile, board members also voted to allocate money from Winter Quarter funds for one event.

Funding for philanthropy events dominated the meeting, with the board debating whether to grant money to charity events retroactively or with large budgets.

After a heated debate, the board allocated $19,800 to Indus to fund a charity concert featuring One Revolution, a rock band from Chicago. Proceeds from the concert will go to Eye of India, a South Asian charity that helps children in rural villages get needed eye surgeries.

According to Finance Board Policies and Procedures, philanthropy events that receive more than $5,000 from Finance Board must match the donation to the charity with the allocation. Therefore, Indus is required to donate $19,800 to Eye of India regardless of how much the event earns, leaving group members with a large financial burden if the event is unsuccessful.

Board member J.P. Primeau said he was hesitant to put the group in a potentially dangerous financial position.

“It would be irresponsible of us to let a group break down and go into complete financial chaos,” Primeau said. “It would put a lot of strain [on the group].”

Board member Jennie Beeson said it was up to the group to decide whether to take on the risk of an unsuccessful event, despite concerns from other board members that the band was not well known enough to justify the expensive performance fee. Additionally, Beeson said she believed A.S. Program Board should play a larger role in the funding of the concert.

“It’s not our job to judge the content of their event,” Beeson said. “I’m upset that Program Board isn’t helping them more with this. Isn’t this the point of Program Board?”

With 10 in favor and four against, the board decided to finance the event using funds set aside for Winter Quarter, as the event takes place February 7.

The board also gave $5,000 to the Men’s Club Soccer team from a special budget allocation, which provides $20,000 for the year for transportation for sports clubs.

Club Soccer Captain Johnny Walker told the board that even with major fundraising efforts, the cost of attending Nationals is hard for club members to handle.

“In the past, we have had to pay to go to Nationals out of our own pockets,” Walker said.

The board also allocated $2,500 from the special fund to the Wrestling Club to attend a competition in March. To avoid a stipulation in the A.S. Legal Code that states only two sports clubs may receive funds from the special fund each quarter, Finance Board made the Wresting Club allocation count as one of the grants for Winter Quarter.