Watching her family ascend UCSB’s rock climbing wall, Nicole Jackson, a first-year philosophy and music major, was one of many students whose relatives made their way to Santa Barbara for the university’s annual Parents’ and Family Weekend.

Hosted by the UCSB Office of Public Events, Parents’ and Family Weekend began on Friday morning and ended yesterday afternoon. For a registration fee of $30 per person, families had the opportunity to participate in activities such as rock climbing, discussions and walking tours throughout the weekend. UCSB students attended the festivities at no charge.

Jackson said her family also went to the beach and Freebirds during their stay. She said she enjoyed taking her parents around the university, but also appreciated the financial assistance she gained from their visit.

“It’s nice to show them the campus,” Jackson said. “But it’s also an excuse to not have to pay for what I need.”

At a complimentary continental breakfast Saturday morning, Chancellor Henry T. Yang welcomed the guests and spoke individually with several parents and family members. Yang said approximately 80 percent of the visitors were from freshman student families.

“Parents’ Weekend is the most beautiful and special time for us,” Yang said. “We know how much effort you went through and we are very grateful.”

The three days of events offered families and UCSB students the option to attend Davidson Library tours, one act plays at Studio Theatre and touch tank tours at the Research Experience and Education Facility[[ok]], as well as many other activities.

Tracy White, mother of third-year business economics major Austin White, said she enjoyed visiting the campus with her family.

“It’s like a big family vacation,” Tracy White said. “We got a really nice hotel reservation and Austin’s brothers came with us.”

Meanwhile, the UCSB Bookstore felt the impact of the weekend’s events. Bookstore cashier and second-year global studies and psychology major Michelle Nam said she noticed a definite difference in the number of bookstore visitors compared to other weekends.

” [Saturday] has been pretty crowded, but [Friday] was packed,” Nam said.

The bookstore giveaway Holiday Bear was a particularly popular item among parents, despite requiring a $100 minimum purchase for customers to receive it.

“We do this Holiday Bear thing every year,” Nam said. “But we gave away a lot this weekend.”