Editor, Daily Nexus,

Henry Sarria, I’ve read and enjoyed your articles in the past, but your concepts of the rights and responsibilities of a gun owner (“Answer Looters With a Trusty Six-Shooter,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 26) are appalling. I realize you are probably exaggerating for the sake of a good read, but your fantasy does a disservice to gun owners by painting us as materialistic lunatics.

There’s nothing in your house worth killing or maiming someone over, except your family. Intentionally paralyzing someone for stealing is both illegal and highly immoral. Even Hammurabi only took one hand for stealing… you want to take both legs? It doesn’t make sense to end or ruin someone’s life because they tried to take your material possessions.

And it’s worth mentioning that possession of the gun suppressor you call a “minor modification” is a felony unless you’re a cop or a registered manufacturer. Bottom line: You should resort to the gun as the last line of defense of life, not the first line of vigilante justice.

As far as vigilantism goes, your version of Miranda rights is shocking. Our system works because of checks and balances. Encouraging police brutality and a populace uninformed of its rights leads to the formation of a police state and human rights abuses. Which state of affairs sounds worse: People stealing from you or the police abusing you with impunity? I agree with you that looters are one of the lowest forms of filth, but what you propose goes far beyond justice.