As you get older, you’ll look back on your life and really cherish the times you had at UCSB. Sometimes you’re stuck in traffic and see a UCSB alumni license plate frame ahead of you. You zip over – do I know her? Did I screw her? Or you stay in your lane, zone off a bit and a funny UCSB moment runs through your head. Halloween moments often come to mind. The costumes, the hookups – the shit you simply don’t see in suburbia walking your boy door-to-door in his Spiderman costume. If you didn’t dress up last weekend and walk down Del Playa Drive, you’re an idiot. Please, transfer to Riverside, Irvine or Merced. You’re taking a spot at UCSB you don’t deserve. For the other 99.9 percent that did participate, go out again Wednesday night. You’re usually only at UCSB four or five years, right? You need as many Halloween nights out as possible. Why? Because you’re a Gaucho, dammit.

Thousands and thousands of Gauchos from the past envy the shit out of you, wishing we were still in Isla Vista. Wishing we could spend a day, a week or a year in your cakewalk lives… especially this time of year.

Want to know another great memory that runs through our heads? UCSB men’s basketball. There was a day when the Thunderdome rocked. I’ll never, ever forget those times. Go to YouTube or run by the Athletic Dept. and ask to see some old basketball footage. We get goose bumps every time we see a clip from the ‘Dome. Back in the day, it was the place to be and those memories are much clearer since we had mostly adrenaline running through our blood stream. Turn your Halloween and soccer enthusiasm into basketball mayhem. Having homework to do on game night is an excuse pussies make. You can’t hide in the library your whole life. Hoop season starts Thursday. Most games start at 7 p.m. and end around 9 p.m. Be there. No excuses, hangovers welcome. Games are still free for students.

Why go to UCSB basketball games? Because someday, you might thank me for the memories.