I’m sick of reading all these complaints about the Hump. For the first time in my three years at UCSB, I actually enjoy reading it, because Shlyakhov does not dispense motherly relationship advice or repeatedly remind us to use condoms, as columnists in previous years have. But then, Phyllis Sladek had to try to ruin it by reminding everyone about the dangers of STDs (“Swallowing Leads to STDs, Not a Safe Sexual Practice,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 12). From now on, can everyone just assume that whenever Shlyakhov writes about sex, he is implying that both people have been tested for STDs? Us college students are intelligent enough to read about sex without forgetting what is safe.

And then Kristin Kelley objected to being told how “oral sex should be performed,” claiming that it is “trashy” to give sex advice in a sex column. (“New Hump Replaces Sex Tips With Sleaze,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 16). Kelley’s suggestion that Shlyakhov should stick to “sexual innuendos and sly comments” is indeed a classier idea, but it also sounds really lame and boring.

Finally, Carly Jo’s letter (“Wednesday Humps Lack Good Taste and Proper Information,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 19) criticized the Hump for expecting “women to stay shaven.” Had Shlyakhov singled out the women, I would have understood her offense. But he didn’t, because he also told guys to shave their balls. And since he’s previously devoted a column to cunnilingus, I doubt that the Hump is “gender-biased.” But if you’d rather read information and terminology that is 100 percent politically correct, then just buy a medical textbook, and don’t spoil the Hump for everyone else.