Though Autumn of the Seraphs doesn’t mark a particularly progressive move in a new direction, Pinback has managed to make another consistent, solid and enjoyable album. Employing some occasional experimentation with digital sequencing, while clearly maintaining their signature sounds and techniques, Pinback stays true to what is familiar to its fans. And, while this might normally seem like a
weakness, with Pinback, it is not at all a bad thing.

With their fourth full-length album, Pinback has demonstrated their ability to create beautifully crafted songs, their knack for crisp production and lovely, infectious melodies and their mastery of head-haunting hooks. Autumn of the Seraphs is as delicate and hauntingly soothing as ever, with the usual ocean and water imagery, as perceived in “Good To Sea,” “Subbing for Eden,” “How We Breathe” and “Walters,” the latter of which can’t help but connote a lullaby with its fluttery cascading piano. The highly rhythmic “Devil You Know” stands out as a strong point, along with the appropriate opener “From Nothing to Nowhere,” which is concisely suggestive of what will invariably follow.

The rest of Autumn of the Seraphs showcases Rob Crow’s and Zach Smith’s dynamic vocals, layered harmonies and ethereal rhythms. The album ends nicely with the closer “Off By 50,” featuring a dreamy, almost robot-like hook.

Overlooking Autumn of the Seraphs as simply another typical, static Pinback album would be an injustice to the band, as they demonstrate how they have grown as artists since their last release. While it may feel excessively reminiscent of those past works or perhaps just a bit bland upon first listen, the songs will resonate and leave a lasting effect. This is quintessential Pinback, and fans and casual listeners alike will be impressed by the band’s consistently strong sound.