Two orders of nachos, three burritos and several sides of guacamole – also known as the first official Isla Vista Freebirds delivery made yesterday just after 5 p.m.

The food, ordered by three UCSB students, commenced Freebirds new delivery system – a service previously unavailable since the restaurant’s establishment in 1987 by Mark Orfalea. The new delivery service requires a $20 order minimum and runs between 5 p.m. and 1 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays. The service began after two UCSB students, Matt Volpert and Colin Jenkins, pitched the idea to Orfalea.

Volpert, a second-year business economics major, and Jenkins, a second-year psychology major, said staff will mostly deliver the food by bike to anyone living in the residence halls or I.V.

Jaymie Darrow, a second-year psychology and environmental studies major, received the first official Freebirds home delivery, along with her friends Casey Scurich and Andrea O’Donnell.

As a friend of both Volpert and Jenkins, Darrow said she made sure the first delivery came to her house.

“We made a call,” Darrow said. “When they first started delivering, we said we need to be first.”

Volpert said he and Jenkins conceived the idea for a delivery service during his first year at UCSB while conversing with a friend.

“We thought of it during Spring Quarter,” Volpert said. “It could definitely be a business opportunity. Our roommate was like ‘Deliver for me and I’ll give you a few bucks.'”

Afterward, Volpert said he and Jenkins began delivering Freebirds to their friends as an unofficial service during the spring.

“It was all right, considering we didn’t have any advertising,” Jenkins said.

In regards to the now official service, Volpert said, Freebirds will not charge additional fees for deliveries.

“We don’t want to deliver just one burrito,” he said. “Whatever you want to pay us, you pay. We’re already employees of Freebirds.”

Jenkins said it may take a while for the service to catch on, but that he is still optimistic about its potential success.

“We haven’t been around long enough,” Jenkins said. “But we’ve been waiting for this for the last five months.”

Additionally, first-time Freebirds delivery recipient, Darrow, said she believes the service may become popular.

“The convenience is amazing,” Darrow said. “A lot of drunk kids at night will love this.”

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