In the first meeting of the 2007-08 school year, the Associated Students Finance Board distributed $14,000 to two clubs and divided its total $777,357.13 in unallocated funds for the year.

During a two-hour meeting, board members partially funded requests from Real Life and Movimiento Estudiantil de Video y Arte to put on performance events for UCSB students and the community.

Finance Board also divided its unallocated funds into allotments for the next three quarters, with $220,000 each for Fall and Winter Quarters and $337,357.13 for Spring Quarter.

The board granted Real Life, the UCSB branch of Campus Crusade for Christ, $2,800 of a requested $7,000 for its Saturday event featuring André Kole, a famous illusionist.

Members approved the allocation by consent, with the stipulation that the group mentions A.S. support in printed material, Facebook ads and before introducing the performer.

Additionally, while she approved the funding, board member Tuyen Nguyen said Real Life should have requested funds earlier.

“In the future, seek funding before you secure performances,” Nguyen said.

Later in the meeting, MEVA, a campus group that works with the Chicana and Chicano Studies Dept. and the Digital Editing Lab to introduce underrepresented groups to different forms of media, received $11,200 for a concert and workshop event featuring Lourdes Perez, a singer-songwriter. The event will include a three-day media workshop for students from the Isla Vista Teen Center to produce a music video for Perez, as well as a concert with mariachi musicians on Friday, Nov. 2.

The board allocated $11,200 for the performance and workshop fees with 14 in favor and four against. The remaining $3,625 requested were not distributed due to restrictions in Finance Board rules that prohibit A.S. from funding travel, hotel and transportation costs.

Member Dan Plotkin said he believed the allocation represented an irresponsible use of students’ money.

“With Students’ Initiative, we said we would take their [students’] money and do something great and we absolutely didn’t,” Plotkin said. “Before Students’ Initiative… we would have been much more meticulous with our money.”

Board members also announced that all clubs registered since last year through the Office of Student Life can obtain a minimum of $250 this year as stipulated by the A.S. allocated budget.