Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am writing in regards to Ian Taylor’s recent decision to step down from Associated Students in order to pursue other educational opportunities (“Elected Internal VP Leaves Office After Accepting Transfer,” Daily Nexus, May 23).

Perhaps I was under the mistaken impression when I transferred to UCSB that the purpose of attending college was to attain the best education possible, and thus wholly prepare ourselves for the demands of a future career. The Nexus’ recent editorial called Taylor’s actions “inexcusably selfish” (“Another One Bites the Dust,” Daily Nexus, May 23), but in the interest of advancement, aren’t we all supposed be a little selfish? No one can hand us our degree; it is something we must obtain.

Taylor has been discussing transferring to Berkeley for a few months now, with the mindset that his future will be better served there. If Taylor hasn’t even been sworn in yet, I really don’t see the issue with his perhaps intelligently “selfish” decision to take his academic pursuits elsewhere. A.S. has a legitimate purpose, but it is in fact an extracurricular activity. I am fully confident that Matt Jackson will be competent in his duties, and Leg Council will find some way to move past this supposed crisis.