The Regents of the University of California have officially chosen their newest member – a senior from UC Los Angeles – to represent scholars throughout the UC system as the 2008-09 student regent.

D’Artagnan Scorza, an undergraduate religion major with an education minor, was chosen out of a pool of 10 finalists to become the official student representative on the Board of Regents, UCSB senior sociology major and UC Student Association President Bill Shiebler stated. He will also serve a one-year term as a non-voting regent-designate, beginning July 1.

The Board of Regents meets six times a year and oversees the financial management of the University as well as its investments and properties. The student regent is a voting member of the board whose university fees and tuition are waived during the two years of service.

In the UCSA press release, Scorza stated he was looking forward to his tenure.

“I am excited about this opportunity to serve,” Scorza said. “To be the next UC student regent provides another opportunity for us to connect our message with those who need to listen most.”

Shiebler, who stated in the press release that he has worked with Scorza in the past, said he is confident in Scorza’s ability.

“I know he will be a great leader and a strong voice for the students at the UC Board of Regents table,” Shiebler said.

As an undergraduate at UCLA, Scorza was a prominent member of the Afrikan Student Union, and he currently holds the position of access coordinator. As access coordinator, he advocated easier access to higher education for all students, specifically African Americans, Shiebler said.