From the bathroom in the Davidson Library to the grass outside of the UCen to the top of Storke Tower, UCSB is full of exciting places to do the nasty. According to the Daily Nexus poll, the Davidson Library is our favorite place to have sex on campus. You can orgy it up on the fourth floor or on an eighth floor table with views of the campus and ocean, or even throw someone into an empty bathroom and get out your frustrations at having to finish a political science paper when your friends are partying. A publicly naughty orgasm hidden away from your dutifully working peers is the most satisfying way to de-stress before a big exam. The consequences are publicly humiliating and sometimes costly when you get caught having sex in public – so what is it that makes the risk worth it?

According to the book Who’s Been Sleeping in Your Head? by British psychoanalyst Brett Kahr, sex in public is one of the most common sexual fantasies. The appeal of being a “sexhibitionist” is in the thrill of doing something naughty and the risk of being caught doing it. I see public sex as equivalent to doing drugs or drinking when you’re underage – it’s the potential of getting in trouble that gets your adrenaline pumping and your juices flowing down below. The thrill of danger mixed with the thrill of sex can provide a cataclysmic excitement when you finally get down to it. The possibility of someone watching you also adds to the naughty element. Amateur porn is one of the best-selling genres in the pornography industry. The gritty, out-of-focus picture and sloppy camera handling and sound during these movies are huge turn-ons because the experience of watching amateurs go at it makes the whole scenario seem more realistic.

Sex in the car is one of the more common ways to act out the public sex fantasy. Whether it is generously giving road head during a long trip to the Bay Area or parking in a dark alley to get your fuck on, the risk of traumatizing some adults who witness your oral skills makes it that much more fun. Just make sure that your partner doesn’t get so into it that he crashes the car – insurance does not cover spur-of-the-moment horniness, trust me.

These rampant public displays of affection and downright perversion are not only sexy, but also sometimes necessary in a place where we are practically living on top of each other. With most of us having at least one roommate, we need to take our sex public in order to get it done! I decided one night that I wanted to have sex on the beach, but once we got there, we realized that the beloved beach right off of Del Playa had been swallowed by the ocean. So, with a party raging at my house and hormones raging underneath my clothes, we attacked each other on the beach access stairs. Sure it was sandy, and nasty, and I would probably never do it again, but for the moment, I had to get mine and it was hot.

However, if you’re going to have sex in a public arena, you had best be sure that you know the consequences of being caught. This could include running into a cop when your car is parked at the playground at 2 a.m. and coming up with a good explanation as to why you and your partner both have your pants unzipped, flushed faces and a seat full of condom wrappers. This could also mean your boyfriend’s roommate strolling into their living room right when you’re about to climax. Not only does this provide awkward encounters for the next few months, but also apparently gives someone the right to hang your underwear on a lamp shade. Who knew?

Next time you’re feeling a little bored with the same old missionary blah, spice things up and take it public. The weather is warming up and we live in one of the prettiest college towns in the world. It’s time to take off your clothes and take advantage of the great outdoors.