Editor, Daily Nexus,

Like many UCSB students, I spent the last weekend of April at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California. Like almost everyone else who was there, I had an amazing time. However, I was disappointed to find that, in the week following Coachella, the Daily Nexus had very little real coverage of the festival.

Three opinion columns printed in the Nexus last week by Jenny Paradise, Ray Collins and Caroline Wolf mentioned the festival before going on to discuss tangential issues – sex, booze and fashion, respectively. Thankfully, Collins’ article (“Get Crunk at Coachella Music Fest,” Daily Nexus, May 3) did briefly point out some of the most attractive elements of Coachella, like the impressive and diverse line up of musical acts and the unique off-stage attractions. Unfortunately, there was nothing focused on the most significant aspect of Coachella: the entertainment offered by what many consider America’s best music festival.

I do not mean to take issue with the above-mentioned articles, as each has its own specific non-music focus. What disappoints me is the failure of the Daily Nexus, and particularly Artsweek, to provide any real coverage of such a large event that is obviously of interest to many UCSB students. It seems like an opportunity lost considering the amount of remarkable material that the festival offered. The incredible performances by Sonic Youth, Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, and the unexpectedly outstanding Gogol Bordello are, in my opinion, among the best of what could have been highlighted.

Next year, in addition to commentaries on how to dress or get wasted – which do have their place – it would be refreshing to hear more about what actually brought thousands of people out to the middle of the desert to fry in the sun: the music.