Cinco de Mayo weekend was characterized by a higher crime rate that usual in the Santa Barbara area, but in addition to the expected Minor in Possession and Drunk in Public tickets, a suspected felon eluded police after allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman.

Jose Moralles Leon is currently being hunted after by the Santa Barbara Police Dept. after allegedly committing a slew of crimes that ended in Santa Barbara. Considered armed and dangerous, Leon is wanted for car theft, kidnapping and sexual assault.

Leon, 19, began the alleged crime spree in Salt Lake City, where he allegedly stole a car. He then proceeded to drive to Oxnard, where the car broke down. Armed with a gun, Leon allegedly stopped a 28-year-old female driver and kidnapped her. After driving to Santa Barbara in the car, Leon reportedly sexually assaulted the female subject, who managed to escape and contact authorities.

Meanwhile, the Isla Vista Foot Patrol dealt with its fair share of crime over the weekend, albeit minus the alleged felonies. Cinco de Mayo celebrations resulted in many I.V. residents taking part in illegal activities, including everything from open container violations to watering the local shrubbery with their urine.

One partygoer decided to take his Natural Light with him on a walk, where a passing I.V. Foot Patrol officer stopped him. According to the police report, the officer proceeded to inform the 19-year-old man of his open container violation and began to write him a citation.

The inebriated young man was confused as to why he was receiving the citation, the police report stated. He informed the officer that the open container citation was incorrect, and he should not get in trouble because, “It was nighttime and they were streetlights, not natural lights.”