One question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is what’s the difference between the Students’ Party and the Other Peoples Party.

In having worked with OPP in the past year, we’ve come to notice a big difference between the two parties. As a party, and as student leaders, we’ve noticed a significant difference between being a sitting member and an active member. There seems to have been a tendency for OPP members to be nothing more than sitting members. By this we mean they only fulfill the minimum requirements for being a council member and do nothing more than sit and participate in discussions. In contrast, members of SP are always actively taking part in issues ranging from campus safety to lowering student fees and from alternative programming to human rights issues. From this perspective, we believe that a slate like SP is necessary to UCSB’s future as a progressive university. Students’ Party has actively brought issues to Associated Students for the betterment of campus life in general and has a strong, positive plan for the future.

In general, SP is committed to create change and improve the lives of all UCSB students through accountability, communication and diversity.

Accountability should be enacted on all entities affecting UCSB students, including A.S., administrators, local officials and statewide and national legislators. We believe that all entities should serve the needs of students and be compelled to prioritize these needs to the top of their list. Students’ Party has been engaged in various campus organizations, such as A.S., and in continuing efforts to keep A.S. fiscally transparent and accountable. This way we can ensure students understand and have knowledge about how and where their money is spent. As elected members of A.S., we will work to keep administrators accountable in addressing and recognizing the rights of students. SP will guarantee that the voices of students will be at the forefront, pushing for issues affecting students, such as space for a new media center and student initiated outreach, and halting increases for parking. Locally, we are working to keep major price gouging companies and elected officials accountable to tenants’ rights, to stop the gentrification of tenants and increasing rent. We have actively lobbied and rallied statewide and national officials to lower University fees and increase financial aid to provide accessibility to the University for all students, and as a party, we will continue to work on these issues.

SP has been at the table with administrators, local officials, statewide and national legislators, pressuring and pushing for more spaces for students, more rights for tenants in Isla Vista, lowering of educational fees, increasing of financial aid, loans and much more.

SP is committed to creating more visibility and communication with the campus and its community to guarantee that students know the resources that are provided through A.S. and to ensure that all voices are heard within student government. Our slate consists of individuals from different organizations and pockets of campus that will provide a great catalyst for creating better working relationships with different groups across campus, such as greeks, Residence Hall Association and other student entities. It is our hope to create a bridge between these communities and A.S. to better serve ALL students.

SP recognizes that diversity and accessibility within UCSB is essential in creating a safe environment for all students. Leadership of diverse opinions and ideas are important to make sure that all voices are heard. Thus, we will work closely to ensure that issues of race, gender, sexual orientation and abilities are addressed through expansions of education programming and conferences to educate students on these issues.

So please, vote for a party that has been actively working and will continue working on improving the lives of all students and ensuring that the voices of students are prioritized in conversations with administrators, local officials, statewide and national legislators. SP has the experience and passion for students and ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for ALL. Vote for experience, integrity and more good times! Vote SP!