Earlier this year, the good folks over at Arts & Lectures were kind enough to bring us the amazing Jon Stewart. For all we care, they could have spent the rest of the year throwing our money into an incinerator. Jon Stewart, people. Thus, we have no problem in continuing this $2.00 per student a quarter fee.

The Daily Nexus strongly endorses the Arts & Lectures Support Fee.

The UCSB Events Center, otherwise known as the Thunderdome, is home to several entertaining and exciting shows year-round, ranging from UCSB basketball games to the annual Fight Night boxing tournament. It is also home to several of UCSB’s largest concert performances. The Events Center Support Fee helps to maintain the facility and costs $4.00 per student a quarter.

The Daily Nexus strongly endorses the Events Center Support Fee.

The Shoreline Preservation Fund keeps our Isla Vista beaches free of trash and our waters clean. The initiative also helps to maintain coastal access stairways, while also offering UCSB students opportunities for restoration and research projects. This $3.00 per student a quarter fee has done our community a lot of good.

The Daily Nexus strongly endorses the Shoreline Initiative.

Every year the Office of Student Life provides several alternative and after dark programs for students interested in some fun weekend activities. The Student Life Program helps to ensure that these events receive funding while also providing several annual leadership conferences and workshops. This $1.75 per student per quarter fee allows students to enjoy a variety of entertainment.

The Daily Nexus strongly endorses the Student Life Program fee.