Isla Vista residents have one day left to dust off their long lost bike helmets and grease those rusty chains – the second annual Island View Bike race is rolling through town tomorrow.

Hosted by the UCSB Cycling Club, which took first in the intercollegiate race last year, the Island View Classic will close down the Embarcadero Loop for a full day of bike races and festivities, including a dunk tank, a bike rodeo and over 30 street vendors peddling goods on Pardall Road.

Beginning at 8 a.m. and lasting until 6 p.m., the event will feature numerous races, varying from professional and intercollegiate bouts to a beach cruiser race that is open to the public and will be filled with hundreds of amateurs and even two Santa Barbara County Supervisors.

The course will take riders on a half-mile trip around the Embarcadero Loop and down Cordoba Road. Although I.V. drivers may not be fazed by hundreds of speeding bikers, they will have to change their usual route, as neither traffic nor parking will be allowed on the particular streets. This prohibition will begin early Saturday morning and last until at least 7 p.m. Parked cars will be towed starting at 3 a.m.

“I think [the race] is a benefit to the whole community,” said UCSB Cycling Club President Kamyab Sadaghiani. “We really wanted to create a positive, alcohol-free event in I.V., and something that I.V. can be known for – other than all that drinking and such.”

Many of the major cycling clubs from around the state are expected to roll up, including those from all the UCs, Stanford, Claremont and Cal Poly.

Karl Nielsen, the race director, and Club President Sadaghiani said that UCSB has a great chance to make it two victories in row.

“[The members of the cycling team] are all really motivated and we feel that the course really suits the kind of riders we have. … We’re going to kick some butt.” Sadaghiani said.

Among the spectacles to take place this year is a race between I.V.’s only elected representative, 3rd District Supervisor Brooks Firestone, and 2nd District Supervisor Janet Wolf. The two will duke it out during the cruiser race, which Firestone purports he can win easily.

“I can beat Wolf even if I stop at all the stop signs on the course,” Firestone, who will be riding a pink cruiser with white tires, said.

However, Supervisor Wolf said she doubts Firestone’s cycling abilities.

“After observing Firestone’s intake of donuts at the board’s closed hearings, I doubt he can even finish the course,” Wolf said.

A gaggle of fraternities and sororities, men’s and women’s sports teams and even local business owners will race alongside the supervisors. Anyone can compete in the race for the grand prize, a brand new beach cruiser, courtesy of Associated Students BIKES. The only requirements are that contestants wear helmets and ride balloon-tired, gearless cruisers.