Editor, Daily Nexus,

While flipping through Wednesday’s Nexus my eye was caught by a cartoon of San Nicolas drawn as a prison. As a frequent visitor to the hall, I thought to myself, this column (“RHA Unjustly Hassles Residents,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 28) must be worth reading. To my surprise, I found a whiny, demeaning and short-sighted piece labeling Resident Assistants as authoritarian “lackeys” who are out to get innocent freshmen enjoying wholesome activities.

Well, Christian McCusker and all the other anti-establishment, damn-the-man complainers need to check themselves because although my experience is limited to Anacapa’s staff, the Office of Residential Life as a whole needs to be given more credit. The Office’s main concern is working hard and providing a satisfying, safe environment for the residents. Do you think these people just go through a rigorous application and training process and devote their time to the dorms because they like writing up naive freshmen?

Getting written up really sucks, dude. Trust me. I, like your friends, have been written up three times. My door was knocked on two weeks ago because two RAs smelled weed when no one was smoking in my room. I’ll find out what my punishment is for that mistaken write-up shortly. But you don’t see me complaining about abuse of authority. Newsflash: It’s their job and their job is to keep order.

I hang out in San Nic a lot, and let’s get real. I can see why you and your friends might be labeled “potheads” because every time I’m there it smells like weed and booze. I give you props that you guys party and I admit I have fun there, but what do you expect RAs to do? Turn a blind eye when people are blatantly disregarding rules? Resident Directors are professionals, not power-hungry law enforcers doling out punishments without evidence. If RAs bother you so much, why don’t you actually do something productive other than playing video games and attend a meeting where decisions regarding residents and the policies of the building are decided? Until then, go out to I.V. where everyone else parties.