Spring Break is coming up and it is time to start planning. If you are thinking about getting drunk and naked at Lake Havasu, relaxing and surfing in Mexico or going snowboarding in Utah, now is the time to make up your mind.

If you chose to go out cold for spring break, you picked a bad year to do it. This has been a pretty shitty snowboarding and skiing season, but there are still a few places that would be fun to spend your week of freedom. Tahoe, Colorado and Utah will still be getting a decent amount of snow. I would recommend packing the SUVs with a few handles and some 30-packs and drive to one of those destinations.

To make the car ride interesting, you can play some fun drinking games such as Harmon Killebrew. Everyone in the car, except the driver, grabs a beer. One person starts the game by saying a name of a famous person. The person to their left then continues with another famous person whose name starts with the same letter as the first letter of the previous person’s last name. OK, I know it sounds really confusing, but it’s not. For example, I can start by saying “Jim Morrison,” then the next person would say “Michael Jackson,” and the next person would say “Jennifer Lopez.” Of course, to make the game better, you have to drink while you think.

The game is called Harmon Killebrew because when a player says a celebrity whose last name starts with an H, such as the sexiest man alive, “David Hasselhoff,” the next player can then say Harmon Killebrew. The following player must then “kill their brew,” otherwise called finishing their beer. Another rule that can stump people and cause them to drink a lot, states that if the initials are double, like “Marilyn Manson,” the order is reversed. If the person’s “name” is only one word, like “Madonna,” you use the last letter of the name to start the next name. Even if you arrive to your freezing destination and find shitty conditions, at least you can have a great time on the trip to and from.

Personally, I prefer to head to a warm destination for Spring Break. Last year, I went to Puerto Vallarta and this year I will be going to San Felipe, Mexico. There are many hot spots like this throughout Mexico where college spring breakers come from all over the United States to gets shit-faced and sunburned. Besides the previously mentioned, Cancœn, Cabo and Rosarito are great spots to go. Every one of these places will be warm, sunny and filled with party animals.

In Puerto Vallarta, I have rented ATVs, rode horses, jumped off waterfalls, been parasailing and zip-lined over the jungle where “Predator” was filmed. I received bottle service at some of the sickest clubs and hooked up with some random hotties in a Jacuzzi and on a massage table on the beach. These kind of things can happen anywhere in Mexico during Spring Break and I am expecting nothing less as I spend Spring Break with the Summer Winter Action Tours group in San Felipe this year. If you don’t feel like leaving the country, Lake Havasu and Las Vegas can be equally entertaining. Las Vegas is a blast, but it is very expensive and only fun if you are 21. Clubs and ultra-lounges like Tao, Rain and Tabu will be crawling with the rich and famous. Lake Havasu is home to many “Girls Gone Wild” videos and STDs. If you are into the crazy party atmosphere that can be found in Mexico, Lake Havasu is very similar … but on a lake. Here you can rent a boat and link it with hundreds of other people in the lake and drink all day and night.

Make sure you figure out what you are doing for Spring Break soon. These adventures I have mentioned tend to fill up or cost more the longer you wait. One last helpful note: Our spring break is Saturday, March 24 to Sunday, April 1.