El Pollo Loco on Calle Real will be getting some minor remodeling done after a woman crashed her car through the restaurant’s front windows Sunday evening.

While the actual circumstances are still under investigation, Santa Barbara County Fire Dept. Captain Mike Kluysk said a woman drove her Nissan Sentra up over the curb on Calle Real and across the parking lot before crashing her car through the two front windows of the fast food chain. The driver then proceeded to put her car in reverse, dislodge it from the building’s frame and park it neatly between the white lines in the parking lot.

Kluysk said only one minor injury was reported – a customer who had just finished his meal was struck by a piece of debris.

Kluysk, who was among the first on the scene, said he believes the lack of major injuries is extremely fortunate given the situation.

“It could have been an absolute disaster if people were sitting somewhere else,” Klusyk said. “We’re just lucky it didn’t happen a half hour later.”

The driver was not arrested, and drove her scratched-up Sentra home about an hour later.