A mutilated baby’s leg dangles from the hand of a doctor who is set up to measure the fragment of the tiny body in his hand after the abortion he just performed. We are not even 10 minutes into one of SBIFF’s most controversial films, Tony Kayes’ “Lake of Fire,” when this scene jolts the audience.

Kayes, best known for “American History X,” shot “The Lake of Fire,” a documentary exploring the divided and complex issue of abortion over a 15-year period. The film features interviews with a wide variety of individuals, including Christian fundamentalists, a pro-choice Catholic Campaigner, abortion clinic nurses and professors of bioethics, philosophy and sociology.

“Lake of Fire” does not breathe life into the tired controversy of abortion. The film does, however, shock and repulse the audience by exposing the ugliest actions of both the pro-choice and pro-life activists. It only briefly touches on the philosophical approach to considering abortion and the grey areas of the continuous debate. However, it is well balanced in showcasing each argument. Be sure to have a strong interest in the subject matter and an even stronger stomach before viewing the unsettling “Lake of Fire.”