Editor, Daily Nexus,

In response to last week’s sex column (“The Wednesday Hump: Student Health Provides Valuable Services,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 7), I would like to say, “Yay!” It’s about time we got some health-oriented information in there! As a Sex and Relationship Intern at Student Health, I know that it is so important for people to get tested and know their status. My only concern with Jenny’s column is that she made it seem as though getting tested is a terrifying ordeal. The truth is quite the opposite. For girls, a simple trip to the doctor and pap smear is no big deal.

The doctors and nurses at Student Health are amazing and gentle, I swear. And guys, it is so easy for you to get tested. There are no swab tests anymore and you don’t need to have blood drawn. You literally walk into student health, fill out some forms and pee in a cup. You don’t even have to see a doctor. I kid you not – it is that simple. So head to Student Health to get tested and come visit the Sex and Relationship Interns all next week as we table for Sexual Responsibility Week at the Arbor Monday through Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday in I.V. Free condoms and lube. You’ll love it.