Editor, Daily Nexus,

I still can’t make up my mind about Cameron Williams’ column (“Not All Alike Fight for Similar Causes,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 1). While I agree that the ever-increasing deployment of euphemisms in place of the harsh realities they replace only serves to desensitize our society, I cannot accept the notion that somehow the so-called “liberal fascists” are leading this charge. I believe that Cameron means well, but I would also like to suggest that he is perhaps suffering from the same type of racial confusion that many “minorities” – including myself – suffer from time to time.

I, too, agree that arbitrarily lumping entire groups of people into categories of white and non-white is still an ongoing concern, but that simplistic reduction is not just being used by “liberal fascists.” It is a strategy deployed by the privileged to justify their higher social status, while the underprivileged remain as a marker of common identity. It is that lethal poison which pits group against group and removes the individual from realizing one’s true potential.

Racial differences do exist. To deny them entirely is nothing short of wishful naivete. The problem is not in acknowledging these differences, but rather in understanding how truly arbitrary they are. I did nothing to deserve my position in life and neither did you. It’s as if some cosmic flip of the coin landed us all in our respective pigeonholes in life and given that condition, does it really matter if that person’s black, white, yellow, brown, orange or fuchsia?

I propose that the “liberal fascists” Cameron speaks of aren’t nearly as powerful as one might think. Consider the fact that in many states you can go to prison for years for victimless crimes like smoking marijuana and what two men do in the privacy of their own bedrooms is still under the watchful gaze of Uncle Sam. How “liberal” is that?