Surf travel is a constant dream in the heart of every surfer. At one time or another, it is inevitable to envision a greater wave. The yearning to strap a board to the roof of a car or pack it in a board bag to venture out in apprehension of finding an unseen wave cannot be repressed.

Surfing in your local territory is a must; as a surfer, you must hone your skills on the wave you call home, where local friends know your board and paddle stroke from heights above the shore. Whether it was the break in your backyard or a small drive away, it was on this wave a heart for surfing was stoked.

There comes a time in the life of every surfer when the desire for another wave begins to grow strong; a wave that takes patience and courage to find. Seeking out a better wave and a smaller crowd in an unfamiliar spot ignites feelings of exhilaration that cannot be surpassed. Surf travel is growing rapidly, uncovering many secluded surf spots, and allowing cultures to be respected on another level.

Videography came to power in surfing as it brought the traveling surfer to the comfortable home of those less fortunate. Surf videos allow viewers to get a sense of unknown cultures and ways of life that surfers are so determined to get closer to. Video captures an essence of the color, sound and intensity that so powerfully presents itself when traveling with a board but only serves to inspire the seeking surfer; it can by no means fulfill the desire to be immersed in the unexplored.

Pura Vida, Bula, Aloha — a few unforgettable phrases that surf travel has graciously introduced us to over the years. The beauty of adapting these common phrases is the curiosity they ignite in a surfer, creating a growing interest in various cultures and pieces of history that would otherwise go unappreciated. Surfing is by no means the only reason to travel, but has definitely expanded personal seafaring interests as more people are overtaken by the sport. Surfers have a certain appreciation for other territories because they themselves know what it is like to have unfamiliar faces show up in unwanted places. Due to this hidden commonality, no matter race or language, surfers have the respect and magnetism that welcomes them into foreign lands. The mystery of wave riding is no doubt a contagious curiosity that outsiders of all kids desire to observe.

Surfing is a ritualistic, spiritual and worldly experience all in itself. Surrounded by unfathomable ocean waters, it allows one to be immersed in the life of the ocean staying connected to the peace of a board. As you begin to feel comfortable in your own surroundings, you seek the feelings of unfamiliarity that once grabbed hold of your being, heightening travel and the search for waves.

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