Editor, Daily Nexus,

Please do something about the Uloop.com ad with the homeless guy staring out, or give me equal time by putting an obnoxious girl on it with my own little blurb. I’ve lived in I.V. for 30 years and raised my kids here. Now I’m homeless as I watch you students drive up rents and make my old apartment complexes into rich-kid party centrals. Then I wander the streets of I.V. only to see my picture staring out and more oppression coming my way from the “tolerant” and “enlightened” young feminist students of today.

God, you kids are pathetic. The least you can do is get rid of that obnoxious Women’s Studies Department. Us rebels of the ’60s didn’t establish that. It was created by the “establishment” college administrators. The feminists work for the MAN and his old lady for crissakes! Don’t pretend to be rebels. Rebels you sure as hell ain’t. Deluded little Republicans is the best that can be said about the lot of you.

By the way, what happened to my request that you investigate the fire between Venoco and Ellwood dunes? Something is very fishy going on there and it involves the university and the Venoco oil company. Does chancellor Ying Yang have editorial control over there?